How I can help you

I am available for a range of interactive presentations, trainings and workshops, as well as hosting and moderating inspiration and brainstorm sessions, in the field of Blockchain technology and its related key concepts of ‘smart’ contracts, tokenisation and decentralised applications.

This includes, but is not limited to, the mechanics of Blockchain technology, technological differences between existing Blockchains, new value propositions, organisational and industrial-specific impact, ecosystem overview, strategic takeaways and challenges ahead.

My sessions are always interactive, with a comfortable balance between talking, asking and listening to the participants in the audience. I always use simple everyday words and examples. This makes it easy to understand for everyone! I am a native Dutch and English speaker.

I have given dozens of talks, presentations and trainings around the world to several audiences ranging from c-level executives and innovation managers, programmers and coders, to government officials, court judges and policy makers. You can find a selection of my work below!

Blockchain Innovation Conference

Organized and gave a presentation at the the largest Blockchain conference of the Netherlands, explaining the basics of Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, their (potential) impact & uses, and related key concepts.

Blockchain - what is in it for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

Delivered a keynote at the CC-Forum about Blockchain technology in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

My talk was based on the op-ed article I wrote for The Jakarta Post about this topic.

Banks and Anonymity - Cryptocurrencies and Zero Knowledge Proofs

Delivered a talk at the Innovation Department of ABN Amro, the third-largest bank of the Netherlands. The topic of the presentation was about anonymous cryptocurrency transactions, enabled by Zero Knowledge Proofs, and the opportunities this technique provides for the banking industry.

Blockchain in the context of Digital Marketing

We went over the basics of Blockchain & cryptocurrencies - beyond speculation - and covered some innovative future tools for new ways of customer interaction and retention through the usage of tokens (e.g. airdrops). This could provide marketers with a more accurate picture of the customer population and measure customer engagement while simultaneously preserving customer privacy.

The event was organised by the Dutch National Institute for Marketing and mobile service provider

Blockchain Workshop @ Accenture

Gave an interactive Blockchain workshop at the Accenture Amsterdam Office, explaining the basics of this technology and its related key concepts, their business value, potential impact and strategic takeaways.

Blockchain Expo Europe

Delivered a keynote on open source software as an essential building BLOCK for the next version of the internet, powered by the Blockchain.

Blockchain in the insurance and healthcare industry

Gave an interactive workshop on the basics of Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, ICOs, Smart Contracts and cryptocurrencies, and explained how Blockchain technology could be leveraged in the Insurance & Healthcare industry.

Blockchain for Governments and Municipalities

Delivered a talk for representatives of Dutch municipalities and government institutions, explaining the basics of Blockchain technology and how it can help create and deliver better public services.

Day of Crypto

Keynoted at the largest crypto conference of the Netherlands, covering the major differences between cryptocurrencies, their Blockchains and wallets and how they can be used in the real world.

Blockchain event for IT auditors

Presented and moderated a panel discussion on the impact and challenges of Blockchain in the field of IT auditing. The event was by organised by VUrORE.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference for students

Organized the largest Dutch Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference for Students, with over 500 participants. I delivered a keynote and interacted with the young and vibrant audience, together with several other speakers that are directly involved at the heart of the Blockchain space.

Flevum Executive // Blockchain

Gave a workshop for C-level executives, directors and business developers on the mechanics, uses and potential impact of Blockchain technology on established business models and processes.

Guest lectures, keynotes and workshops at several universities

Including Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology and Radboud University Nijmegen.

Blockchain course for students

Developed and taught a three-week introductory course covering the basics of Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, Ethereum, Smart Contracts and Decentralised Applications (dApps) for students at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in everyday life

Delivered a talk at the city library of Dordrecht, on the application of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology and its potential in daily life. The event was part of a program that is making citizens aware of emerging technologies and their (societal) impact. Informing them on these matters is essential!